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Article from Walt Yarnall submitted 7/11/16

Last evening I summoned to Sarasota County Sheriff's
animal rescue unit to the park. I had noticed a large adult aging / ill / diseased raccoon in the canal behind my residence on the south end of the park. Racoon's are nocturnal and are in distress if they wander around during the daylight. The responding officer attempted to rescue the animal from behind 101 Captiva but, it was very aggressive and elusive. She suggested that if it is observed again to contact "Wildlife of Venice @ 941.484.9657 as they are experts in these types of situations. The raccoon was observed this morning laying next to the back pond. No one should approach or try to assist this animal. Also the Sheriff's animal rescue officer observed a poisonous water moccasin snake in the canal.





This system is furnished by Sarasota County to inform you when there is a boil water notice and when the boil water notice is over. 

   If you did not receive a call recently when the water notice was in place then you need to sign up.

SIGN ON TO WWW.SCGOV.NET scroll down to (Sarasota County Emergency Operation Center)  On that page in the upper right hand corner in blue is the word Service A-Z.  Click there and go to the next page and click on the letter (C).  On the next page scroll down to CODE RED (Community notification system) CODE RED sign-up to receive notices.  Follow all the instructions on the sign-up sheet and you will be on the list.  You can use a cell number or a land line number. 

   Even if you are not here all year you can still sign up.  There are only about 200 residences signed up in the park so far.  Lets try to get everyone signed up. 

   If you know someone who doesn't have a computer, help them out and let them know you will sign them up and do it for them on yours. 

  This will help everyone!


         Thank  you

         Ron Ohner





It is ILLEGAL to feed certain wildlife in Florida.  Please make sure that you do not leave out any food products that will attract our wildlife.  Feeding wild birds or other animals interferes with their natural eating habits; they become used to people and become quite a nuisence.  ALSO, if  you see the alligator that has been observed in the back lake, please be sure to stay away from it.    The picture below is an actual photo of "our" alligator. 




*They are called "WILD-LIFE" for a reason*

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The picture below to the right is a fox that was see at the entry sign to our park.  Some homeowners have reportedly seen him roaming within the park itself.  PLEASE  be aware of your surroundings!  This is a wild animal...just like an alligator...a snake... or any other wild creature.  Do not approach it!  Do not feed it!  Remember not to let your small dogs run off their leashes. Call animal control if you feel so inclined but do not try to corner this animal yourself.



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