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Next Splash delivery will be Oct 7. Please continue to put your announcements, game results, etc. in the box in the clubhouse. Weekly Deliveries will begin again in October.

The Nominating Committee for the Spanish Lakes Park Association Board is looking for full-time residence of the park to consider running for positions on the board. Article 11, Section 3 of the Association By-laws states that the President and Vice-President shall be yearly residents. However, if we do not have any yearly residents who wish to be nominated, we can have any Homeowner hold these positions. If you are interested, please call Ron Ohner @ 941-484-8932 or 239-410-5482

It is only September, but we need to start thinking about collecting gallon milk jugs to be used for our Christmas Luminaries. As you know we need several to light up our park on Christmas Eve! Thank you, Ken Anspach.

Come check out the newly reorganized Clubhouse Library, thanks to John Snyder for adjusting several shelves! All Mysteries are on the left and all other Fiction are on the right. Large-print books, biographies, and non-fiction books by shelf labels. DVD's beneath the window. Please make sure that you replace them in the proper chronology order. We have removed for sale at the Nov. holiday fair/Super Second or Goodwill all duplicate books, old books (except classics) and books no one reads. We would like to decorate the top book cases, with old trophies won by Spanish Lakes Teams and/or silk plants in good condition.
Any questions, please call Barb Koehler@ 941-484-9664.

Library Update!
Some of the shelves have been tweaked, to make finding the book easier. (Note: puzzles are now located on both sides of the white metal rack.)
Many thanks to Anita, Bill V., Mark, Judy, Leonard & Sharon for all their help.

Donating Books: 1st, need to be in good condition, published after 2007. 2nd, If non-fiction, relevance to our community's interests. 3rd, Popular magazines from current two months. 4th, Place donated books in the returned book bin. Any questions, call Barb Koehler @941-484-9664.

Thank you to all who came, who brought goodies and a very special thanks to Barbara Daily, Pat Geydoshek, Linda Desslet, Shiela Pinkard and Iris Loevlie for helping at the party for Carol & Terry King.

Special Thanks to Margo O'Brien (77 LaCasta) for her generous donation of a propane tank for our gas grill. It will be used at our Labor Day Picnic, Mon. Sept. 4th. It is because of your continued interest, help & support that we are able to plan and bring to fruition our summer Gatherings! Hope to see you Labor Day.
Barb & Don Bromley, Cheryl & Jack Schellenberg.

Water Aerobics: Tues, Thurs & Sat 10:00 AM in the pool. Please note the new time!!!!! Easy to follow instructional CD! For all fitness levels!
For any questions, call Karen @ 586-504-4757

Ohio Lunch - Thurs. Sept. 14th @1:00 PM -, Poppy's, 648 S. Tamiami Trl., Venice (on the island). Sign-up sheet in the clubhouse. Questions, call the O'Leary's @ 941-485-4973. Everyone is welcome.

Super Seniors Luncheon,
Thurs. Sept. 28th @ 2:00 PM, Sweet Tomatoes, 4994 S. Tamiami Trl. Sarasota. $7.95, includes drink. Sign-up sheet in the Clubhouse. Everyone Welcome!
Questions: call Fisher's 941-488-6535


Please Save Aluminum Cans. The Spanish Lakes Association is collecting Aluminum Cans. Please drop them off by the Maintenance Shop by the swimming pool area. There are (5) blue drums inside the wooden fence

Denise Boesch, Editor 603-393-6124.
Email announcements to by 5 PM on Thursday

Thank you to all our Volunteers!!!!

Please include your name & phone number for all items that you submit, so if we have questions, we may contact you. Thank you.


Spanish Lakes Park Association Board

Nomination Committee For 2018 Board

27 Mar 17

Notice To all residents of Spanish Lakes Park (Permanent and Seasonal)

1. The Spanish Lakes Association Board is a Park Resident's association with its mandate given to them through election by Park Residents. Their responsibilities are to administer and oversee park activities conducted on behalf of Park Residents. The current Association Board Members (2017) are elected for a one year term ending Dec 2017.

2.The Nomination Committee has been established by the current Association Board to identify a slate of candidates for election to the 2018 Association Board.

3.The mandate of the Nominating Committee is to ensure that all park residents have an opportunity to participate.

4.Participation in the Association Board is a way for Park Residents to contribute their skills, talents and efforts to ensure that park activities continue and continue to improve.

5.A summary of the current Association positions and responsibilities is attached.

6.If you have interest or want Information contact the Nominating Committee

Chair Jan Erickson 507 766 2373 348 Santa Cruz

Members Ron Bobby 724 489 4187 200 Spanish Lake

Ron Ohner 941 484 8932 243 San Carlos

Russ McDonald 941 451 4671 400 Captiva

Jan Erickson
Chair Nominating Committee

Residents in the “Pet Section”- Pet Walking Rule Change


The rule about pets “NOT” being able to walk on the outer perimeter roads has been changed. Pet owners are allowed to walk their dogs on the outer perimeter roads keeping in mind they “MUST” pick up any and all droppings, if not, it could revert back to the restrictive previous rule. Picking up dog’s waste also refers to the rear road of the park.


Note: I have noticed some dog owners have been getting lazy in this regard so please make sure you abide this rule and pick up all dog waste. If you see another resident not picking up, say something to them or let me know.

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