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Sports & Activity Reports

Games and activities!

Texas Hold-Em:

08-10-17 Winners: 1st Jim Thompson 2nd Len Kozle, 3rd Kathy Bill, 4th Tom O'Leary, 5th Joanne Lowery. High Hand: Noyl Odom

08-17-17: Winners: 1st, Nancy Dowling, 2nd, Noyl Odom, 3rd, Len Kozle, 4th, Judy Hill, 5th, Tom Rowland. High Hand: Dick Connolly

8-24-17: Winners: 1st, Dick Corbett 2nd, Kathy Bill, 3rd, Joanne Lowery, 4th, Jim Thompson. High Hand: Noyl Odom

08-31-17: Winners: 1st, Joanne Lowery, 2nd, Len Kozle, 3rd, Dick Connolly, 4th, Jim Thompson. High Hand: Len Kozle

The Shuffleboard court is available for all residents, renters or visitors age 16 years & older. Please observe posted rules & regulations.