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Association Board Members Job Descriptions



                        Clem  Bezemer                                                                                                                         

1st Vice President     

Barb Oliver

The 1st Vice President is the Activities Director responsible for the following:

                  Entertainment Bookings

                  Schedule Weekly Activities

                  Schedule Events & Meetings

                  Post Calendar for Activities

                  Chair of Board of Sponsored Events


2nd Vice President   

Steve Gordon>

The 2nd Vice President is the Coordinator of the Chairpersons:

                   Splash, Internet, Channel 2, Bulletin Boards, Super Seconds Sale,

                   Holiday Fair Sale, Historian, Photo, Library, Welcome Committee, Name Tags

And Chairs:  Printing Equipment / Paper.



Ann Bezemer 

The Secretary is responsible:

                  To record accurate minutes of all meetings

                  Maintain accurate  records of correspondence, Membership Files,

                   Records of Corporation (i.e. financial documents, minutes etc)



John Ritzema

Responsible for Association Finances & related Reporting to membership

Chairperson of Audit Committee (Past Presidents do audits)


Community Relations Director

Judy Hill

Memorial Payments

Hospital & Illness Updates

Cards & Condolences

Chairperson of Birthday / Anniversary List


Sports Director   

Cathy Bill  

Reports on all Sports, Games, Cards. 

Purchaser of cards, paddles, etc


Kitchen Director    


Responsible for:

            Purchase of Food and Supplies

            Wednesday Breakfast

 Chairperson for Kitchen Helpers

Coordinator of Kitchen Use


Facilities Director

Jack Schellenberg      

Responsible for:

              Maintenance and Security of Association owned equipment (courts, tables, etc), coordinate the borrowing of Medical Equipment

  Chairman for the setup for meetings, dances and other clubhouse functions                           

  Holiday Décor and candles

Open / Close  pool area/ umbrellas, cover pool

Hurricane Emergency





      Attend all funtions and take photos

      Post Photos to bulletin board in clubhouse, scrap book in library and share with web master for posting on website






Corporation Board's Function: To represent the residents of Spanish Lakes in legal matters and more importantly be a liaison between the residents and the park manager when necessary to help resolve issues having to do with the park

2013 Corporation Board Members

President:  John Snyder  

Vice President:  Ken Anspach  

Treasurer: Joe Trent  

         Secretary: Kathy Schonauer  

Directors: Sam McCoy

                  Joe O'Leary

                     Richard Ross

                      Jerry Tanner  



“Splash” Newsletter       Published weekly

 Denise Boesch


Web Site        Weekly Publishing

             Web manager:   Joe Boesch

Cable TV Informational Channel #2    Updated weekly

        Operator:     Steve Gordon



(Office located in the clubhouse)

Park Manager:  Brett Burmann   488-1636        Office Manager Rebecca Ward

Employed by the park owner to oversee maintenance, and all other business pertaining to running the park.